A comprehensive evaluation of the well and well pumping equipment. The testing includes direct measurement of flows, water levels, discharge pressures, power consumption, sand production and vibration levels. The test normally includes measurement of all parameters at two (2) pump discharge pressures. These measurements are then used to calculate specific capacity, water horsepower, electrical input horsepower and overall efficiency of the pump/motor unit. The information is formatted in a report which includes water levels graph, pump performance curve and a brief evaluation of the condition of the equipment. This test can identify and quantify many problems, including issues within the well structure (holes in the casing/liner, separation in the casing/liner, restricted screen openings, excessive sand production) and pump related problems such as; worn bowl bushings, worn impellers, holes in the column piping, lower than optimal efficiencies and general poor performance of the pump. In addition, inspection and vibration analysis of the above ground pump and drive components can spot excessive shaft run-out, unbalance conditions in the motor and lubrication delivery problems.