Since 1989, G-M Services has provided water operations companies, cities, utility districts and industrial clients in Houston and the surrounding areas with tools and expertise for evaluating their water wells, well pumping equipment, and distribution equipment. Local engineering companies use G-M Services to document equipment performance in order to establish that it is operating as designed, and to gather baseline readings for future tests. Operations companies rely on G-M Services to maintain regular testing schedules for their wells as part of their preventative maintenance programs. Our clients have saved thousands of dollars and avoided potential inconvenience to their customers by identifying problems before they occur. In recent years, G-M Services has expanded our list of available services to include down-hole well surveys, flowmeter repair and calibration services, and vibration analysis testing. Please visit our services page to read a detailed description of what G-M Services has to offer.

Flows, levels, pressures and power consumption are critical parameters in every water system. Regular measurement and documentation of system performance can reveal problems within your pumping system before they create an emergency. G-M Services specialize in collection, reporting and analysis of deep well vertical turbine pump performance.

As an independent testing firm, G-M Services is not involved in repair or rehabilitation of wells or pumping equipment. Testing, inspection and performance evaluation are our primary business. We would like the opportunity to serve you and your water system. Please contact us if you feel one or more of our services would be useful to you or if you have a question regarding our services.